Local Elements


Often international schools can fee like ‘little islands’, separate from the host country’s culture and customs. To make them feel like part of the city and country where they are located, it is great to bring in some elements of the host country’s culture to the design of the school. Locality can be added with small touches, bringing some Art pieces or local artifacts to the learning environments. At the same time students will learn about the local culture as well as respectful behavior towards customs, traditions and artifacts that represent them.
At NIST the stairs leading to Thai classrooms have been decorated by plants to bring the local flora to be part of the design. Local Thai artifacts are decorating the doorways.
Students can spend their breaks chatting and hanging out in ‘salas’ which are common for Thailand. Sala provides students with cover from sun but still allows them a chance to enjoy fresh air. Salas add Thai touch to the campus.
Thais greet each other by putting hands together in ‘wai’. The statues around the campus remind students about this lovely custom.
Plants and ‘waing’ statues welcome students to buildings.



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