Welcoming Entry

It’s important that the entry to a school is inviting and friendly. It needs to be clear where to enter the premises so that visitors don’t have to wonder where they need to go.
Inside the entrance before security there are spaces for visitors who might be dropping off/picking up items or waiting for a student. The School Shop is also located at the entrance for easy access and convenience.
There needs to be spaces that are defined for community use. This building next to the entrance at NIST houses Instrumental Music Rooms, but also an air conditioned waiting area as well as parents’ room and smaller meeting rooms for the meetings of Parent Association.
It’s important that there are waiting areas that are either appropriately heated or cooled off for parents to meet and wait for their children. Agreements can be made how these spaces are treated so that everyone can benefit from them and feel part of the community.
Entry ways to buildings need to be clear so that it is easy for visitors to navigate the campus around. Plants, and local touches like sculptures and artifacts add to a friendly and welcoming feel.
To add to the friendly vibe, hall ways and entries can have local touches so that communal areas still feel like part of the learning spaces and have less institutional feel to them.

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