Collective Space Designs

Classrooms are open and allow ‘spillage’: students choosing to work outside the rooms when collaborating with classmates or across rooms.
The corridor is not a traditional straight line, but rather a ‘river’ that can double as a work space and display area. Corridors become work spaces where students are respectful of study peace and walk quietly through. All wall space is covered in pin board like material where it is easy to display the process rather than just the products of learning.
Color scheme reflects what is outside and draws the nature in. Bags and study materials are stored in benches that allow seating and match the color scheme.
Communal spaces invite students to take a quiet moment to read, or do research in communal spaces outside but in vicinity of the classroom so students hear when it is time to gather back in the room.
Students can choose to use communal spaces for individual learning or group work and sharing of ideas.
Communal spaces are created where students can choose to work either during class time or in between classes. Photo credit: Sandi Zaw Win
IMG_7531 (1)
Students show a lot of respect and care for beautifully designed places that are for their use. Photo credit: Sandi Zaw Win
‘Watering holes’ in communal areas can act as meeting places for students to share ideas or as performance venues for sharing what has been learnt.
Students have comfortable places to hang out during break times and do collaborative work during class time.
Corridors as ‘rivers’ double as learning spaces where students can spill out from classrooms for quiet work or group collaboration.
‘Watering hole’ outside a classroom where students can choose to work depending on their learning style or task at hand.
‘Caves’ outside classrooms where students can go to do listening comprehension activities and video screening or group work.
‘Caves’ can also work as ‘one-to-one’ work space where teachers can conference with students, or carry out interviews and catch-up sessions as needed.

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