Classroom Design Concepts

Flexible classrooms with movable and stackable furniture of different heights and levels allowing student choice for best learning styles
Varied heights in tables and several seating choices allow students to study in a way that works best for them. Standing desks have high stools for chairs and lower tables have benches, soft stools and even exercise balls for comfortable and ergonomic seating.
Varied surfaces (white board surface) for flexible uses of learning furniture
Students’ choice for various seating/grouping plans, depending on task and learning style
Student created ‘watering hole’ where students can gather casually to work together and share ideas
‘Campfire’ place inside a classroom allowing for students to learn from experts and artifacts
‘Cave’ space inside a classroom where students can gather to do quiet work, read and engage in quiet thinking
Colors in the classroom invite the outside in: what you see from windows is reflected in the colors of the pin board like material on the walls and carpet

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