Library & Learning Commons

Library for students use where everything is on wheels and can be rearranged for various events and venue needs.
Students can gather at ‘watering hole’ where they can share ideas and work together. Students collaborate respectfully taking into account other learners in the space.
When needing to collaborate and share ideas on a bigger screen, students can use a ‘cave’ in the Library for quiet group work or listening/viewing task.
Magazines are at easy access to the students. They like to hang out, catch up with their reading or research amongst the books and students’ art work.
IMG_1709 (1)
The Elementary School Learning Commons is a space where students like to gather to read and research topics that they are interested in. Often you’ll find even parents curled up with a book in the relaxing seating and caves. ¬†Photo credit: Sandi Zaw Win
Books are displayed showing their covers so that it is easy for students to get interested in them and find new topics of interest. They are displayed at easy access on low height book shelves to add availability. Photo credit: Sandi Zaw Win
The Learning Commons have varied seating choices for different needs and purposes – it is easy to find little nook and grannies where students can really dwell deep into the world of the books. Photo credit: Sandi Zaw Win
Furniture in the Learning Commons is on wheels and it is easy to change the order and move it around for new set up according to the usage of the space. The space is light with lots of natural light and inspiring color scheme. Photo credit: Sandi Zaw Win
The ‘caves’ in Learning Commons have been very popular and students like to curl up there with books. The window gives natural light and invites the outside nature in. Photo credit: Sandi Zaw Win
Learning Commons is not only a place to read but to do research, build, inquire, search. There is an amphitheater where classes can gather to watch educational videos or performances in peace.
Sections are dedicated for quiet work or for collaborative tasks, ensuring that several groups of students can gather in the space at the same time without disturbing each other.
The purpose of the space is clearly outlined and displayed in the entrance of the space: all users will know the philosophy and can show respect to the expectations of the place.

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